The Wacky Animal Alphabet Paperback – March 3 2022

The adventure of life is to learn” – William Arthur Ward

And what better way to learn than having fun while learning!

During your journey through the world of the alphabet, narrated using fun rhymes, you will discover some wacky animals, like a bear who can ride a bike, a juggling giraffe and penguin pirate!


This little book is surely a fun way for little ones to learn the letters of the alphabet along with animal names. The letters are shown in both uppercase and lowercase letters.

This book would make a lovely gift for little ones keen to learn the alphabet, and to any child who loves animals. Whether it’s a preschool graduation gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift, it is sure to bring a smile to both children’s and grown-ups’ faces.

What readers say about this book:
This is an amazing alphabet book! While I’ve read a lot of alphabet books before, this one is definitely at the top! The writing is so cute about each animal that is active on each page- from anteater to zebra. I love the beautiful illustrations and the animals’ expressions. This would be a great gift for little ones.”

“My young son loves all things ABC, especially this book! Cute, lively drawings. As a mom and a graphic designer, I love the layout: clean page design, easy and fun to read, and unique, warm drawing style. Definitely a great book!


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