The MerBabe Paperback – Feb. 17 2022

Magical adventures await young readers under the sea in this instant children’s book classic. Will this little mermaid find her way back to her mom?

Softly sleeping in her clam shell, a merbabe rests peacefully under the ocean. But her peace is about to be broken. A gentle kiss from a passing seahorse wakes her and draws her into an adventure through her coral reef playground.


As the currents draw her through the undersea wonderland she plays tag with the blue striped snappers, dances with jellyfish, and naps in the arms of an octopus far, far away from the safety of her clam shell. Yet when the fun is over, she must return home. Can the ocean guardians help her find her way back home to her mom?

The MerBabe is just one of the many creative books from the catalogue of talented author and illustrator Querida Lu Ahn Funck. If you and your children like mermaid books, dolphin books for kids, turtle books or ocean adventures for children, this is the picture book for you.

This creative underwater exploration experience helps children understand the beauties of the coral reef gently. It’s reminiscent of educational picture books such as Shark Lady by Jess Keating, Lola: The Bracelet Of Courage by Sarah Cullen and Inky the Octopus by Erin Guendelsberger. Only, it’s done in the form of an adventure book for kids.

Buy The MerBabe and dive into your magical adventure today.


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