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The “STREET TEARS” is a collection of poems and it contains Forty poems in it. They have arranged into chapters i.e. I, II, III, and IV. Altogether, it has more than 8000 words that bricks, sown, and patches to make meaning to what poetry called metaphorical expression.

Each chapter has 10 poems and every poem in each chapter has a story to tell. Beginning with the title of the book: “STREET TEARS.” The question unravelling is, why should it be “Street Tears”, why it shouldn’t be something different?


To start with, the “Street Tears” is telling the stories of the everyday life of a country, of people, and the psychology of life tearing people in every corner of the street, people are picking broken dreams at their toes.

The title of this collection is not a representation of a single subject but a diverse one that has a direct connection with the social realities of people’s life. The symbolic image of the sun and the eye with tears appearing on the front cover have more to say.

The “eye” with tears is a symbol of pain, heartbreak, joy and any other interpretation that can be attached to it. While the “sun” is assuring hope and a future expected. In this collection, both symbols speak more of the fact of metaphor behind the content.

It demonstrates that people are living in the alley of their pain and they are seeing their tears drowning them each passing day. The “tears” raises another symbolic representation of breaking people into asking when will these “tears” stop flooding us.

And the “street” as it is used in one of the lines “is a photocopy of the rat world.” It is a world people are living out and inside the Street to have life. The street in this collection is a semblance of the country making the tears in our eyes that flood us and let’s people be drinking their tears

Though, this is not a review of my work. But a description of this collection of poems, starting with the book cover into the content. I find it logical to choose this title because I believe it explains a philosophy of the metaphorical expression of those symbols and each poem is spiral-bound.

This pain of our everyday life sows us scatteringly. It speaks to the pained heart of why I have to arrange each poem in each chapter like that.

It is to use it to tell the story of people. Our stories, in each poem, in each form, which I thought about, is not straight story. They are stories that have different rhythms of agony, love, and life. They are stories that people are telling each day of their lives on the street, which is no home for us.

While I understand language is important and poetry should not be wired with difficulties. For me, I want to communicate with people. I want people to see their experiences in this poem. I want each poem to speak to people directly and people seeing their lives in each poem.

In this line, the forty poems are events from the raw image of the people I stayed with. The people l listen to their stories. The people I watch, read, and discuss with. People who share their stories about the world they are living in.

How the world is breaking them down into pieces.
Most especially the country buying people with false hope and lies. The “Back Again” is an instance of that part, people in different continents are talking about. Other poems in this collection also have a new verses about our lives.

It unravels the innermost of what life was and is to people. How do people perceive it? How people are dealing with it especially eating the raw part of it. Sadly, the experiences come in black and white. How is biting people, making us cry all day?

Both the form and content of each poem are true representations of the street. It appears in the image of how the street is perceived. Is it a safe place or a war zone? This is a question that photocopy the social reality of people’s daily life in different parts of the world.


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