She Too Kindle Edition

Based on true events. This is a story about what is not covered in orientation materials. NCAA and universities under its guidance do very little to combat sexual assault, hazing, alcohol and drug abuse. Collusion and cover ups have become the norm. Just 20 minutes of action to some, this story is important.


Readers say:

“This book stayed inside of me. The story is so real, so powerful and unfortunately happens far more than any of us want to believe. The writing is swift and matter of fact in it’s style as it tells us the story without a slant. But you feel it in your guts. It is particularly timely given the current happenings of our society and is an important read.” HBL

“…disturbing…but happens. It needs to be exposed. The start of the story starts of presenting this beautiful fun memory of my college years, it painted the picture of how fun and awesome college is. But it ends with showing the dark underside of Greek life, and hyper-masculinity.” SE

“Having read the story I can tell you that it is AMAZING. Strong voice. Powerful story. Be prepared to be rocked.” AH.

“…great read, albeit disturbing. I learned a lot about…college culture in general these days. Highly recommend!” AB

“Story is written in a unique style that may just push the work into the literary eye…relentless drive…apocalyptic.” RL


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