Seed of Fury: Zolia’s Revenge Paperback – May 7 2021

Bloody Romans Vs Sabines(Spartans siblings) – After three millennium, the first novel is out about the brutal past!

Want to know how the modern nations America, England, venomous Churches and all Rome’s degenerate children evolved? Grab your copy!!!


Set during the founding years of the Roman Empire, Zolia’s Revenge is the story of two virginal Sabine sisters: Ronica the Revolter and Zolia the Crusader. Told by the older sister, Ronica, it is a gut-wrenching depiction of the Rape of the Sabine Women, their degradation and torture at the hands of King Romulus and the Roman men, and their eventual heroic escape.

Marked by historical events that intermingle tragedy, love, romance, and unforgettable fantasy characters, this compelling story paves the way for Christianity in a world of non-believers.

“It is one of those rare books that stays with you much longer after you finish reading them. As I finished reading, I kept on looking for more. Thank you, author, for this masterpiece!” says Dr. Eve A. Kheir.

“The story has many aspects and different storylines that come together as one very well. It has prophecies, witches, daughter of a Goddess, strong female characters, genuine love interests, fictitious creatures, devious sinners with malicious intent, and corrupt morals, making this story more exciting and a page-turner.” Reviewed by Aakanksha Jain(Award winning blogger)

“The awaiting author that every reader dreamed, who are stuck among the stereotype and routine stories!” by: Author Hiland Doolittle


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