Scissortown (Faith-Based Application) Paperback – April 1, 2014

How would a small town—well-ordered and supremely manicured—look after invasion by a horde of pink-slippered “Slicers and Dicers” who cause the townspeople to hide all their cutting tools? And then, how does life go on when nobody can cut anything at all?

Although it is pure fantasy, Scissortown was written for another purpose besides entertainment—a faith-based application at the end gives two examples of children in the Bible as encouragement to show kindness and take the initiative. Scissortown was written for children from the ages of 4 to 8, but younger and older children—and their grown-ups—are enjoying it, too!

Also available without Bible references as Scissortown (Life Application).


Here’s what parents and grandparents are saying:

“The message that children are important, have a voice and are contributing individuals is affirming. The ending is a beautiful reminder of the Kingdom value that Jesus places on children.” —Kim Toews

“A delightful story with many layers of meaning.”—Michelle Dwyer, mother of three, Pastor of Community Life

“I loved the faith based part at the back. It felt reassuring and loving to read what you have written.”—Carolyn Vasileiou, college instructor, mother


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