Reflections on the Loss of the Freeborn American Nation: Banksters Against People Paperback – January 15, 2016

This book analytically chronicles the rise of a corrupt collusion between a large corporate elite (aristocracy), the centralized bank and their inside government representative base.The end result was that the forces of the banks, and the large corporations, completely dominated the US government, and the average US citizen no longer had any entity within the US government that served his interests or cared for his concerns – up to this very day.


Furthermore, our right to bear arms is under threat. Should the second amendment be neutralized or eliminated, suspension of the Constitution will not be far behind.

The thirteenth amendment did not outlaw slavery, to every reader’s shock and surprise. It simply exchanged the legal right to own slaves from the individual over into the hands of corporations and the government. We may observe in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence that states have the right to choose secession, if the people in those states feel that the forces of government seek to impose itself upon them against their own interests and the word of the Constitution. The tenth amendment itself clarifies that, if we observe the pre-1860 wording.

Doing away with our second amendment is part of a UN agenda, and it does not serve in the best interest of the rank and file American citizen; but it does make US citizens vulnerable to any ambition that the cartel powers running the US government desire. The author steps out on a limb and openly states there are signs suggesting that a holocaust looms in the mist ahead on the road. Americans say “never here”; but this work aims to show that to protect themselves and their rights, Americans must come to the realization that yes, indeed, a reign of terror is very possible. Jefferson and many others were very concerned about it.


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