Mommy, maybe… Paperback – Large Print, February 27, 2022

“Mommy, maybe I’m too brave” said the lion…

In this sweet empowering rhyming book, baby animals take the courage to express their insecurities. They are looking for reassurance and guidance, just like children do while growing up.
Follow them in their search for the truth, and find out where the real answer is!
Every time you will read this story with your children, you’ll be reminded of how each one of us truly has the power to change the way we see ourselves.
And that changes everything!


This book is for kids ages 0-6.
Babies can enjoy looking at the colorful illustrations and learning about different animals.
Toddlers will love the funny accessories these baby animals wear and the rhyming. They will also hear about feelings like self-doubt, fear, shyness, learn about believing in themselves, and opposites like big and small, tall and short, etc…
Early readers will be able to explore the book on their own thanks to capital letters text and simple vocabulary.
– This book is also great for ESL teachers and students!

Also available in Italian: “Mamma, forse…”

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