Elsewhereville Paperback – March 7 2022

Myrtle Hitchabocker is the biggest weirdo at Parkside Intermediate School. She talks to bugs and flowers and counts clouds. She wears stained striped sweater vests with polka-dot shirts.

The bullies at school never miss a chance to remind Myrtle that she doesn’t fit in, and they like to make Myrtle miserable.


One afternoon, after receiving a terrible teasing, Myrtle looks up from crying to realize that she is no longer on the school playground.

She has been transported to Elsewhereville, where different is divine, the sky is green, the grass is blue, and where pickles grow on trees.

Join Myrtle as she meets wonderful weirdos who live in Elsewhereville, including the Upside-Down Painter, the Little Rabbitty Girl with Wheels for Feet, the Ginormous Jelly Man, Three Conferring Conifers, Border Wizzler, and a rhinoceros named Bill Worthington (though he prefers to be called Fram).

In Elsewhereville, ‘fitting out’ is way more fun than ‘fitting in’ could ever be.

But watch out! The miserable Cloud Cousins aim to spread their misery to everyone in Elsewhereville- especially Myrtle!

Elsewhereville is an imagination sparking chapter book that will delight any child ages 7-12.


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