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Authors from all over the world have sent me books. At the moment, I have around 70 different titles that I sell. What is the next step?

An actual bookstore.

In 2010, I discovered that I had breast cancer and needed a mastectomy and chemotherapy.My mom decided that she would come up every three weeks after I got chemo to take care of my two young children and me. After several treatments, we decided that it wasn’t working. So my parents moved my children and me in with them. I was very sick and depressed. Just before getting the cancer diagnosis, my marriage had fallen apart.

My sister Charlotte Blackwell had just tried her hand as an author. She wrote a series of books that some may recognize as the “Embrace Series.” Even though Charlotte had an occult following, sales were not doing well. Charlotte had hired a professional editor to edit the books, and the editor had done a terrible job. We figured this was the reason for the low sales. There were several mistakes on every single page. Mom asked Charlotte if she would let me try and edit them. I had always done good in English, and I needed something to do to give me a purpose.

Charlotte informed her publisher that she was having the books re-edited, and we received a deadline. At this time, Charlotte had written three of the four books in the series. I was given three weeks to edit them. I worked on it every waking moment. I would take my laptop to the movies with us and not turn it off until the movie started. It was not uncommon to see me working on my computer in a restaurant in our small town. Finally, I managed to get all the books done in time, and a second edition was published. This edition went to the top 10 charts in some countries. I had found my life purpose.

I opened my own editing company. We lived in Onoway at the time, and I named my business` “On The Way Editing.” I advertised on social media, had author referrals and managed to keep busy. However, I soon discovered that companies were using self-publishing platforms to add publishing to their array of services. I got hired at one of these publishing companies. I brought in two clients with me. One was blind; the other was African. For some reason, the publishing company owner didn’t like them. I was offered a partnership but decided to start publishing myself. I published my first book, “Can’t See For Looking’, for my blind Author. I realized that there were people out there that didn’t have the skills to do the self-publishing. So, I added it to my list of services.

Recently I moved to Peace River, Alberta. I was shocked to find out that they didn’t have a bookstore. I went onto several author sites on FB and asked authors if they would be willing to sell their books on consignment if I were to open a bookstore. I got an overwhelming yes! Authors thought this was an incredible idea and started sending me books saying they had faith in me. After receiving the books, I decided what to do with them. I didn’t have a store and didn’t have the money to open one. That was when I got the idea for a mobile bookstore. I go from town to town, selling books at Markets, Fairs, and even a few businesses. That gave the authors a brand new platform. I also had this website built. You can order any of the books that I sell on consignment without leaving my page. That gives the independent authors another platform.


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