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I opened my own editing company. We lived in Onoway at the time, and I named my business` “On The Way Editing.” I advertised on social media, had author referrals and managed to keep busy. However, I soon discovered that companies were using self-publishing platforms to add publishing to their array of services. I got hired at one of these publishing companies. I brought in two clients with me. One was blind; the other was African. For some reason, the publishing company owner didn’t like them. I was offered a partnership but decided to start publishing myself. I published my first book, “Can’t See For Looking’, for my blind Author.


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In 2010, I discovered that I had breast cancer and needed a mastectomy and chemotherapy. My mom decided that she would come up every three weeks after I got chemo to take care of my two young children and me. After several treatments, we decided that it wasn’t working. So my parents moved my children and me in with them. I was very sick and depressed. Just before getting the cancer diagnosis, my marriage had fallen apart.

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Price: $200
My formatter formats the manuscript to the individual requirements of all the self-publishing platforms. He formats them for both ebook and print books.

Book Cover

Price: Cost Range From $150 - $300
I have a great cover artist that makes both ecopy and print book covers.

Trailer Videos

Price: Cost Is $200 -$400 (Depend on video length)
Trailers are similar to Movie trailers. They are used in marketing to gain interest in the books. I have several people that do this for me,


Price: Range From $300 -$500
The client is introduced to my marketing manager. They will decide the right strategy for marketing the book


Price: $200
Anyone requiring assistance with self-publishing can hire me. I publish on both Amazon/kdp and ingramspark. I use the clients' information so that they receive 100% of the royalties paid out from these platforms.

Consignment Book Sales

Price: 50% Books Sold On Consignment.
Consignment Book Sales. Anyone that uses my services is automatically included in the consignment book sales. I will purchase the first five books to sell on consignment. The Author will receive 50% of all books sold on consignment. The client can opt-out if they are not interested.


Price: Editing costs .03 cents per word
I offer line, copy, and developmental editing as well as proofreading. Anyone interested in my services can contact me and request a 2000-word sample edit. A sample allows both the client and the editor the chance to see each other's work. Editing is unlimited until both the client and I are sure that the book is ready for publishing


Sept. 23 2021

A terrible car crash left JJ unable to move or speak, but inside his damaged body, his mind and spirit were as bright as ever. In the first volume, JJ stopped the murder of his roommate with the use of a communication device that allowed him to speak. In Book 2, he realizes that despite his best efforts, his physical limitations keep him from the education, career and social life he fervently wants. Disappointed and brooding, JJ befriends the young son of a staff member, and soon finds himself in the middle of a child trafficking case. What happens when JJ attempts to protect the boy and finds himself in the crosshairs of the predator?


Hammy Hammerhead’s (almost) Big Adventure! Paperback

Large Print, August 13, 2020

Hammy Hammerhead is having one of those days. You know the kind! You know, when your mom won’t even let you out until you clean your room?
All he wants to do is play pufferball with his friends!

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Shirley Ann Howard

Howard was born and raised just outside Boston, Massachusetts, where she received a B.A. in English and a Master’s Degree in in Counseling. She has taught in both urban and rural setttings has been a school couselor and adminstrator, and is an avid Red Sox and Patriots fan. She and her son have two sons and reside south of Boston on the coast.

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